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UnityAG for Primary Produce

agrilate-quoteUnityAG  – primary industry software for packing, distribution and wholesale management applications.

UnityAG manages your processing and packing operation from receipt to sale – calculating net returns, managing grower payments and much more. Throughout the entire process, UnityAG provides you and your suppliers with up-to-date information and enables management decisions to be made in a timely manner based on accurate information. UnityAG can help you to build relationships with your suppliers by providing timely information to them via a web portal.

  • Block management
  • Intake planning
  • Produce receipt
  • Bin management
  • Grader integration
  • Pooling system – any timeframe
  • Juice calculations
  • Quality and size deductions, levies, rebates
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Estimated payments
  • Grower payments by count, quantity or weight
  • Packout information
  • Pallet management
  • Grower web portal
  • Contract packing
  • Farm gate pricing/minimum guarantee pricing
  • Pool reconciliation packed/sales/payment

UnityAG is available as a stand-alone module for businesses with existing generic ERP systems. Alternatively, select additional modules from the Sanderson Unity suite to add features such as Warehousing to create a comprehensive, specialised ERP system that fits your unique business needs.