Albury Wholesale Chickens already reaping rewards of UnityF8

Having implemented UnityF8 last year Albury Wholesale Chickens has seen a dramatic improvement in cost control and factory efficiency. Gaining confidence in the system throughout the busy Christmas period, the business is now keen to explore further efficiency savings with the Telesales module.

Albury Wholesale Chickens, the manufacturer of chicken products, chose UnityF8 to streamline sales order, production and financial processes.

Existing processes were causing mistakes and taking so much time that additional staff were going to be required to support the business’s ongoing growth. For example, orders were manually written on paper with process and pack instructions split into three separate documents, which were each distributed to the appropriate workstation on the factory floor. Invoices were raised using a separate accounts system (MYOB) and drivers’ run sheets were drawn up manually.

Sanderson implemented its latest UnityF8 system, including integrated Factory Automation solutions at three processing stations on the factory floor – each comprising a touchscreen terminal, replacement weigh scale and bar code printer.

The Benefits: Greater cost control & administration halved

Today, orders are entered directly into the UnityF8 system and consolidated into delivery runs.

Sales order lines are sent to the appropriate processing station using a “Pick Type” indicator, where they are displayed in delivery run sequence on the touchscreen terminal. The station operator uses the touchscreen to select a run to process and is prompted through each order line, with quantity and weight required displayed.

As the product is prepared, it is placed on the touchscreen’s integrated weigh scales. The weight is automatically recorded and an address label is printed. This Factory Automation solution has given immediate money-saving benefits. It has eradicated orders being processed twice in error, which used to occur when the manual paper sheets were marked incorrectly.

Weigh scale integration has also saved the business a lot of money by recording actual weights; previously the operator would simply confirm the ordered weight.
Back in the office, staff now clearly see which delivery runs have been completed and then simply click to invoice all orders on the run, and print invoice documents and the drivers’ run sheets. This has almost halved the daily process in the office, alleviating the need for additional staff.
In addition sales analysis by run, customer and product are also delivering valuable business information that was not available with its previous systems.