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Document Management

Reduce your use and storage of documents. Scan and store any paperwork you receive using Sanderson document management software, enabling you to easily share or view the documents across your business, or archive them securely.

Documents are captured using a scanning station, and automatically or manually indexed quickly and easily by the document management software. The document is then available within the system to share or view across your business, or can be archived securely.

What our customers say

Benefits include:

  • Improves service by giving staff instant access to relevant documents.

  • Reduces time spent filing and retrieving paperwork.

  • Reduces the loss, damage and duplication of paperwork.

  • Improves efficiencies in paper-based processes – such as proof of delivery confirmation and purchase invoice authorisation.

Attach Microsoft Windows files to system data

In addition, many different types of Microsoft Windows files can be attached to associated data within your Sanderson document management system. Whenever that data is displayed, the attached file can be retrieved.

Examples of such attachments include:

  • A picture of a product to the product record.

  • A response to a customer complaint (Word document) to a complaint record.

  • A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to an NPD project.

  • An account manager’s forecast (Excel spreadsheet) to a customer.

Sanderson document management software vastly increases efficiency and reduces laborious manual processes, freeing staff to focus on other revenue-creating activities.