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UnityVA for Wineries

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Our software UnityVA is a scalable solution used for many years by boutique wineries through to some of the largest producers in Australia.

Features of UnityVA for wineries include:

Winery information

  • Winery activity tracking
  • Winery cost tracking
  • Winery block definition
  • Field sampling
  • Harvest planning and scheduling

Grower receipts and payments

  • Grape receipting
  • Grower payments
  • Remittance advice
  • Grape payment repricing
  • Yield tracking by block
  • Grape specification payment parameters

Winery operations

  • Work orders and templates
  • Bulk wine shipping
  • Barrel management and barcoding
  • Individual or group barrel tracking
  • Barrel topping
  • Gauge and dimensioned table conversions for tank volumes
  • Tank use history
  • Lot history and diary
  • Graphical tank farm
  • Trial blending
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Additive tracking and dry goods


  • Composition by year grower appellation block variety and clone
  • Composition based on grape receipts
  • Historical composition on all work orders
  • Easy composition error correction
  • Ability to rebuild composition throughout vintage year


  • Standard, storage and operational costing
  • Historical costing on all work orders
  • Easy costing error correction
  • Effective dates for costing rates
  • Grape and bulk wine purchase costs
  • Additive costs from dry goods or established rate
  • Ability to rebuild costing through vintage year
  • Interfaces to Brandy and Spirits, Bottling, and Sales and Distribution

Global Features

  • Multiple winery locations
  • Allocations and commitments
  • Consolidated inventory reporting
  • Inter-winery shipping and receiving with composition, cost and analysis data transfer

Additional Vintage modules

  • Cellar door
  • Brandy and Spirits
  • Grower contracts
  • Factory automation

UnityVA is available as a stand-alone module for wineries with existing generic ERP systems. Alternatively, select additional modules from the Sanderson Unity suite to add features such as Bottling, or to create a comprehensive ERP system purpose-designed to your unique business needs.