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Warehouse Management

Warehouse ManagementSanderson warehouse management software brings significant time and cost savings to your operations:

  • Improves raw materials planning and procurement through accurate stock figures.
  • Reduces stock and work-in-progress costs.
  • Increases available warehouse space with reduced part pallets.
  • Improves stock rotation.
  • Improves efficiency through the elimination of paperwork and the use of barcode scanning.
  • Improves picking accuracy and speed.

Eliminates paperwork
The use of radio data terminals (RDTs) and barcode scanners eliminates paperwork within the warehouse. The RDTs can be either a hand-held or truck-mounted device.

Functions of the warehouse management software include:

  • Job scheduling for the warehouse operatives.
  • Zoning of raw materials and finished goods.
  • Utilisation of barcode facilities – SSCC, EAN.
  • Location sequencing rules – aisle, rack, level.
  • Customer shelf-life rules.
  • Goods receipts – raw materials, finished products and third-party products.
  • Pallet Management – CHEP, Loscam.
  • Inventory management software reporting and a full audit trail of movements within the warehouse – when, who, what, where and why.

. . . plus extensive RDT routines:

  • Pallet putaway – suggested locations.
  • Sales picking.
  • Vehicle loading and dispatch.
  • Pick face replenishment.
  • Pallet build/transfer.
  • Inter-site transfer.
  • Stocktake – full and PI.